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Angela T.
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These guys know customer service! I just stopped in to change the battery in my husband's watch and was surprised to hear it would only cost me $4! So I chatted with Toni about this and that while another very nice gentlemen, I didn't get his name, switched out my battery. Once my watch was ready, I went to hand my debit card over and was told they only take cash. They were so nice about it, they told me to just stop by later today or even tomorrow, when I had a chance to pay them! They were so friendly and kind! I'm not much of a jewelry person myself, but if you are, and you have anything you don't use anymore, I'd bring it in and see what these nice gentlemen will give you for it.

Darren S.
Henderson, NV

I bought a couple of 1922 Peace Dollars from a guy on Offer Up. I did all the test I know of to see if they were real or not and it seemed real. I still had a feeling though. So I called the shop and asked if they could test it. The guy on the phone said yeah. I took it down and saw Tony. I assumed he was the owner, cool guy. He brought out his expensive machine and tested the coins. They both tested positive for silver and i was happy. He asked me what I paid for them and said that he sells them for much cheaper when he gets them in. Will keep him in mind next time I'm looking around.

Chris T.
Temecula, CA

Great experience with Tony B.
Professional and made the selling of some jewelry I wanted to let go a no hassle transaction.
I recommend his expertise if your looking to sell or buy.
I'll be back.
Thank you Tony B

Jose D.
Henderson, NV

I had some gold that I wanted to sell, I went to 3 different places, PMR was the best offer but as much as 20%. Tony was very polite and I did not feel pressured at any moment. He carefully looked at each piece, took his time and gave me an offer. I definitely recommend PMR.

Brahm T.
Henderson, NV

I called a dozen places in the greater Las Vegas/Henderson area from pawn shops to 'we buy gold' joints, and Tony blew them all out of the water. What I was not prepared for was the customer service and "character" of this place. Don't come by here in a rush with worthless trinkets, come in here with something of value and have some time to relax and enjoy a bit of old school Vegas entertainment, as well as yes as the sign says, the highest dollar for your gold.

Done and done. I'm never going anywhere else for my gold and silver needs.

Brittany M.
Las Vegas, NV

I was going to sell my wedding ring and band. I stopped in to precious metals and saw Tony. Tony told me all about the ring, offered me what the materials would be worth, but told me that I would be better off selling it privately on offerup or one of the apps that people sell things on.

I tried that and didn't like the way the apps worked, and was nervous about meeting strangers online to sell diamonds, so I decided to go back to Tony, because he was honest and trustworthy.

I highly recommend precious metals to sell jewelry. Safe, and honest environment, that isn't trying to scam you or rip you off. Tony was great!